Homemade Alternatives for Baby and Personal Care Products
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January 2008
This collection of recipes was gathered from various sources on the internet. When searching for this type information, be careful and evaluate the trustworthiness of the sources you use. A “natural” or homemade product is not necessarily a safe product. While good intentions may be the incentive for a search for safer alternatives, untested recommendations and poorly researched information is widely available on the internet. Double and triple-check and if unsure, consult a physician. Babies’ skin is most permeable in the first six months; avoid unnecessary exposure to chemicals found in baby and personal care products whether on store shelf or homemade. For babies younger than six months, plain warm water and a mild soap is sufficient unless recommended by a doctor or health professional. Do not use essential oils on babies younger than 6 months, while pregnant or breastfeeding. Some essential oils can be toxic.
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