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On the subject of implied or actual product or corporate endorsements, CPCHE has a policy of not allowing the use of its logo by private companies or corporate entities (e.g., industry associations). Nor will CPCHE staff, or partner organizations speaking on behalf of CPCHE, in written or verbal communications, imply any sort of product endorsement such as in response to inquiries or in our educational outreach work.

Our educational efforts try to apply the "teach a (wo)man to fish" approach, helping people to choose products on the basis of knowledge about materials used, reading labels, and regulatory requirements.

We realize this approach has limits, particularly because mandatory labelling requirements in Canada do not require that product labels provide information about substances associated with chronic toxicity.

Though not an endorsement, we can suggest a few websites that do make product to product comparisons and/or make specific product endorsements.

These include the US-based Healthy Child Healthy World. See the "Trusted Partners" list of products/companies on their Shop Healthy pages. 

See also the US-based  Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.

In Canada, see the Guide to Less Toxic Products created by the Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia.

Let us know about similarly progressive websites we can add to this list.

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Kathleen Cooper
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