Sep 04, 2008
Toxic Compounds in Toddlers & Preschoolers 3x Higher Than in Moms
Jul 11, 2008
Backgrounder to July 10/08 Media Release from CELA, Ecojustice and David Suzuki Foundation
Jul 11, 2008
Groups call for ban on all PBDEs
Joint Media Release from Ecojustice, CELA and the David Suzuki Foundation
Jul 09, 2008
They're underrepresented in clinical trials and sometimes misdiagnosed. Their rates are rising. But as young adult patients mobilize, Hayley Mick finds, they're becoming 'the buzz in onco-town.'
Jun 20, 2008
Leading municipal pesticide bylaws set the standard for new provincial ban
Jun 12, 2008
New report shows as many as 100 chemicals released from PVC shower curtains
Joint Media Release from CELA and Environmental Defence
Jun 12, 2008

Un nouveau rapport démontre que les rideaux de douche en PVC libèrent plus de 100 substances chimiques