December 13, 2007

Pollution Probe as the lead CPCHE partner has hosted six National Policy Consultations (NPC) across Canada throughout 2007. The NPC process involved the facilitation and design of workshops across six regions of the country on different themes related to children's environmental health.

Each consultation has engaged multidisciplinary stakeholders including members of government, academics, researchers, industry representatives, policy-makers, health and environment professionals and many others. Each consultation has provided a unique opportunity for dialogue around a specific theme or issue. Themes that were explored included: air pollution, children’s environmental health research in Canada, impacts on brain development, and contaminants in consumer products. The goal of this national consultation process is to develop a Children's Health and Environment Vision and Strategy for Canada.

In November 2007, the sixth and final National Policy Consultation on Children’s Health and the Environment was held in Vancouver. All of the stakeholder groups were given the opportunity to shape this vision and strategy on children’s environmental health.

CPCHE partners are now developing a final Vision and Strategy document that will make recommendations for the protection of children’s environmental health in Canada.

For a summary of the remarks from each consultation and more information on the National Policy Consultation visit the Pollution Probe website. The report of the consultation, in English, is linked below (French translation coming in Fall, 2008).