January 1, 2009

In celebration of its 25th Anniversary, Today's Parent is dedicating 2009 as a year to promote a healthier life for children and youth in Canada. Inspiration comes from Reaching for the Top, the report by Dr. Kelli Leitch, Advisor to (former) Health Minister Tony Clement on Healthy Children and Youth. Throughout 2009, Today's Parent will roll out an advocacy program working with key partners and sponsors to engage its 1.8 million readers to help make Canada a better place to grow up. Four thematic areas across the year will include injury prevention, fitness and nutrition, mental health and environment and health.

CPCHE is proud to be among the four partners working with Today's Parent in this effort.

For information about the four collaborating partners and activities occurring throughout the year, watch the Today's Parent website.

For more information:

Erica Phipps, CPCHE Partnership Director erica@healthyenvironmentforkids.ca