Do you work with prospective parents and/or families with young children? Are you interested in adding information on children’s environmental health into your educational and outreach programs?

CPCHE's “top 5 tips” resources provide families with simple, low-cost ways to reduce exposures to toxic substances commonly found in the home. They are a great way to integrate children’s environmental health information into your existing programs and routine interactions with parents and families.


CPCHE’s video, Creating Healthy Home Environments for Kids: Top 5 Tips, is a great way to introduce parents/caregivers to basic concepts of children’s environmental health, such as why the fetus and child are more vulnerable to the potential effects of toxic chemicals, as well as simple tips for reducing toxic substances in the home. Its playful, illustrated format makes it suitable for sessions in which children are present.

The 13-minute video is available in English and French on DVD or USB, or can be viewed directly from the CPCHE homepage. The DVD and USB versions include optional subtitles and continuous looping, making it practical for use in waiting rooms and public spaces.


CPCHE’s top 5 tips brochure, Creating Healthy Environments for Kids, covers the same content as the Top 5 Tips video, and thus can serve as a useful take-home resource when showing the video. It can also be disseminated in community centres, clinics, child care centres and other places frequented by prospective parents and families. It is available as a 4-panel brochure with photos in English and French, and as a text-only PDF in Arabic, simple Chinese, Punjabi, Spanish and Tagalog.

Tip cards

CPCHE’s attractive, plain-language tip cards are available for each of the top 5 tips, and for radon. They help reinforce learning as a take-home resource during sessions at which the video is shown. Or, use a tip card as a starting point for discussion on one of the 5 areas. “Get drastic with plastic” and “Go green when you clean” are hot topics for many parents. The tip cards can also be used as a “take one” resource in waiting areas and public spaces.

Each of the top 5 tips has a dedicated webpage, with additional information, FAQs and relevant links.