Building capacity for children's environmental health programming

CPCHE's Local Champions project, led by the Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA), concluded during 2008. It provided training and capacity-building to local service providers in the areas of preconception, prenatal, child and family health. Most Local Champion participants had already attended CPCHE's Playing it Safe workshops. They applied various teaching methods, strategies and resources to help share information about children’s environmental health in their communities. Two 2-day training workshops were offered and Local Champions then organized many, varied and successful activities. Collected below are resources used in the CPCHE workshops as well as some of the results of the efforts of Local Champions. We thank the Ontario Trillium Foundation for providing funding for this project and an extra special thanks to Beth Anne Currie for her inspiring role in this project.

The resources linked below were designed specifically for the Local Champions' workshops. For the complete package of materials used in CPCHE workshops, see the more extensive list of resources provided in the Playing it Safe workshops collection.

Launching the Project