Staff and parents at a Winnipeg child care facility made Valentine's Day pledges to "Check it Today" for the children's sake.

CPCHE and the Canadian Child Care Federation are conducting a vanguard initiative to promote radon awareness and testing throughout the Canadian child care sector.

A small group of child care facilities in Winnipeg has been recruited to promote radon awareness and home testing among client families. They will also test their facilities for radon.

“Our sector is all about caring for kids. When I first learned about the health risks of radon exposure, I knew we needed to take action,” says Don Giesbrecht, CEO of the Canadian Child Care Federation. “Child care professionals interact with young families every day. We’re well-positioned to help make sure families are aware of radon and know how to test their homes. We can also safeguard kids by making sure they are not exposed to elevated radon during the hours they spend at the child care centre.”

Do you work with families? This Valentine's Day pledge is a fun and interactive way to promote awareness among parents and caregivers.